Welcome to my website. My name is Laura; I am a certified and licensed massage therapist, specializing in therapeutic and deep tissue massage.

   I am located in the Manteca Executive Plaza in Manteca, CA. Sessions are available by appointment only. To schedule please call or text 209-840-3841 or email me at Laura@TheLavenderBlossom.com. Also, feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns you may have.

   I do not do a routine massage that is the same on every client. I customize your massage to your needs. We will have open communication before your session about any problem areas you may have. I will focus on the areas of your concern, and will modify pressure according to your request. I encourage you to keep me informed of tender areas or if there is any discomfort. In many cases it is normal to be sore a day or two after therapeutic or deep tissue work. If relaxation is your only goal, or if it is your first time receiving a professional massage, I would recommend you request Swedish instead of a therapeutic massage.

   Most clients prefer a medium to firm pressure on limbs, with a deeper pressure on back and shoulders. I do not charge more for deep tissue, nor do I charge more for the pure essential oils (aromatherapy) that I use during most massages. I also may use some hot stones to loosen tight muscles or warm bamboo for a firmer pressure. I have an ADA (American Disability Act) approved fully adjustable, electric lift massage therapy table to accommodate clients in wheelchairs, who are pregnant or who may otherwise have a difficult time getting onto a standard massage table.

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day! I hope to see you soon.